Why LSG?

Strategic and Tactical Professionals

Strategic and Tactical Application

Simplified:  Strategy is the “actionable plan” to achieve specific goals.  Tactics are the “detailed actions” needed to implement your strategy.  Macro and micro, if you will. 

Successful strategy and tactics, are part of the LSG DNA.


The first question everyone always will ask, “What do you do?”  For us, the “right response” is not what anyone wants to hear, because that question requires a multitude of our questions to that single question.  However, starting with the premise that someone actually cares what you do

APMS through C⁵ISR


Lightning Strike

What’s in a name?

From our professional lifetimes of experience which evolved into expertise within our respective core-competencies and transcended borders…  We all agreed that for an approach, a process, a method, a system, or anything that matters in life or business, that there are certain attributes and components which are mission-critical for success.

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