Benedictine University, Chicago, Illinois; 27 September 2018: President Andrej Kiska of Slovak Republic inspires students, academicians, business people and future leaders of world with a brilliant presentation enriched with integrity, mission, values, belief-systems, shared-vision and principles, entrepreneurialism and the institutions that would positively impact socio-economic opportunities and the empowerment and transformation of local and global economies to ensure principled and sustainable outcomes.

The entire evening honoring President Kiska was an event to remember, enriched with speakers, authors, choir, musicians and the leadership of organizations of the highest integrity. (Please re-visit our website soon, for more regarding the wonderful individuals whose contributions to the evening, and in their daily lives, will be recognized.)

Thank you, Benedictine University and Rosemary Macko Wisnosky, Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Chicago for such a perfect and memorable evening.

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