Lightning Strike and Global Community:

Artists and Cultural Awareness

A very important aspect of the LSG mission is to provide opportunity for people who may not have a “vehicle” to reach levels that their potential should reach.  Unknown to the world or even areas outside of their family, Church or community, we wish to recognize these unsung heroes from around the world.

This month’s featured artist is showcased with an approach that is more comprehensive than usual; because of circumstances that continued to grow and evolve.  Our monthly “featured artists” section is to be that of a portrayal of artists, works, and positive influence on community and country. As this is the launch of our new website and subsequently this section, as well as, this month’s featured, specific artist; we have chosen a truly humble unsung hero of community, family, heritage and traditions (culture by every definition), his Church and so much more. His art is represented in many forms.

Upon working with our featured artist, Ján Timko, we are not only impressed as stated above, but his work transcends Tatra Mountain, Slovak Culture, with his reach being truly global; touching the lives of all people of Slovak and European heritage, around the world.  Within his art; one hears, sees and feels the incomparable echo of his forefathers and foremothers, as passed down through the centuries.  As the Great American Native American; this respect for God, nature and ancestry resonates through a sweet melody, with harmony and hope.

This artist truly epitomizes “cultural awareness”:  In this 21st Century, Ján advances all that is “Slovakia the Beautiful”, within his performances and appearances (many, from the heart, without compensation), his photography, his woodworking; with honor and respect of his heritage, and to bring his culture to a world unaware of the true greatness of the Tatra Mountains and her peoples.

Without delving into greater detail, LSG is so impressed with this artist’s mission and vision, we have become personally and professionally involved with Ján and many of his productions and efforts.  As one example: LSG, Ján Timko and the Osturňa Ensemble had the great pleasure to be personally and professionally engaged one year ago for the Grand Opening of a new business in the Village of Osturňa, in Slovakia.  In attendance were business professionals from around the world, local folks and politicians.  It is truly a small world. The Penzión Európa, the most exquisite of accommodation, amenities and destination, nestled in this beautiful village, opened with the vision and tremendous vigilance of an American businessman whose ancestry hails from Osturňa, Thom Kolton.  LSG has also developed both personal and professional relationship with Mr. Kolton, as well.  Some of the photographs of the Grand Opening are on this page, as are Penzión Európa details.

Although that is a story that needs to be told, this month’s featured artist is Ján Timko and we will let his work speak for itself with this YouTube video, and links to more videos and his outstanding works.

Thank you, Ján, for your fantastic cultural drive, determination, outstanding work and vision. God Bless you.

<center><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/9HRE-GeGdKE?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center>
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